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Do you want your senior loved one to fall and get hurt? Has your senior loved one gotten any better with their current health situation? Do you trust just anyone with the care needs of your family? Do you feel like you can care for your senior loved one on your own ? If you answered no to any of these questions then the question is HOW are you going to fix this ? 

Julie wakes up again at 3 am  to the cries of her mother who is 88 years and can not sleep. Julie awakes with the stress and anticipation of how long this will continue. When one of your loved ones is not in a position to take care of themselves on their own, you will possibly need to get the help of a senior home caregiver. You cannot see your loved one struggling, even to get the day to day work done. Therefore, it is important for you to get the help of a senior home caregiver local to Pasadena and help your loved one to get assistance in their day to day life. Care-giving work can easily become a full time job in which professional help can be utilized for the care of your senior. 

Cost For Caregiver Services

Perhaps one of the most often questions we are asked is what is the cost for senior home caregiver services. The cost for caregivers services depends on what the level of care is for the client. Let us say you have needs to care for someone who has dementia and they need basic around the home chores, this level of care would be far different that someone who needs full care who is bed bound and wears adult diapers. If we pretend you sign up and the hourly rate is $ 25 dollars per hour and you need care for 12 hours per day. So the rate is $ 25 dollars but by CA law anything over 8 hours becomes overtime or 1.5x the normal rate. So if you are getting 12 hours per day at 5 days per week your cost would break down as follows.

8 hours (x) $ 25.00 dollars = $ 200 dollars

4 Hours at overtime makes the rate $ 25 dollars (x) 1.5x =  $ 37.5 ( x) 4 hrs = $ 150 dollars

12 Hour shift cost is 8 hours at $ 200 dollars and 4 hours at $ 150 dollars making total $ 350 dollars per 12 hours. 

Now in order to save money you may be better off getting a 24 hour live in caregiver. Live in rates are much less expensive when you hire a live in caregiver at $ 300 dollars per day that is a difference of $ 300 dollars per 24 hour Live In  vs $ 700 dollars if you are paying $ 25 dollars per hour for two 12 hour shifts. The price difference is $ 400 dollars per day.  Or $ 2,000.00 dollars per week, which makes your savings $8,000.00 dollars per month or $ 96,000.00 dollars per year.

If a live in caregiver is not an option for you then you can consider hiring two caregivers for 6 hours each to make your 12-hour shift or one 8 hour caregiver and another part time caregiver at 4 hours.

6 hours (x) $ 25 dollars = $ 150 dollars ( Caregiver # 1) AND – 6 hours (x) $ 25 dollars = $ 150 dollars ( Caregiver # 2). This would make your cost of a 12-hour shift just $ 300 dollars per day. If you had one person do a 12 hour shift this would be 8 hours (x) $ 25 = $ 200.00 and 4 hours over time would be $ 25.00 dollars (x) 1.5 (Overtime) = $ 37.5 (x) 4 = $ 150.00 dollars. So a 12 hour shift one person costs $ 50 dollars more than two people at six hours.

Please not that all major US holidays are overtime. Holidays as Dec 25th, New Years, etc. If you would like a full list of what holidays require overtime call us at 1-877-264-0896

24 Hour Live In Care vs Hourly Caregivers

When you sign up with Your Direct Health Care it is possible to either get hourly care or 24 hour live in care. When you do live in care we have caregivers who can work for a flat live in rate. This benefits customers who are needing full around the clock care. Our caregivers will stay with the client for 24 hours a day and spend the night. For example lets say you need full 24 hour for your parents for 7 days per week. What we would do is let you meet a few caregivers and every 3 to 4 days we would switch the caregivers off. This prevents caregiver burnout and allows you to see what caregivers are doing best for your family member. When you have on call caregivers you get enrolled into a care package that allows you to call us when needed a we provide care as needed. For live in caregivers we do a flate rate. Let us say you hire an hourly caregiver at $ 20.00 dollars per hour and you do 2 shifts at 12 hours each you are now looking at a total cost of 8 hours(x) $ 20 = $160 dollars and 4 Hours (x) [ $20x(1.5 Overtime) = $ 120 ] so the cost for a 12 hour shift hourly runes you $ 280.00 per 12 hours now if you are doing 2 shifts that runs you $ 560 dollars for 24 hours. If you are doing that 5 days per week that is a cost of $ 2,800.00 dollars per week or $ 11,200.00 dollars per month or $134,400 dollars per year. If you do a 24 hour live in care rate we can provide you the care you need for just $ 315 dollars per 24 hours. That runs you $ 1,575.00  dollars per week or $ 6,300 per month which is $ 75,000.00 dollars per year. That is a difference of $ 134,400.00 dollars hourly vs $ 75,000.00 dollars for Live In Care. So with a live in case you literally save $ 59,400.00 dollars per year. For more information about how our live in care works callus at 1-877-264-0896 and speak to one of our care managers.

In all such instances, you can simply get in touch with us. We are the most reputed senior home care agency in the region. We have been able to maintain a solid reputation throughout the past by offering a quality service for all the clients in need. Therefore, you will be able to get a hassle free job done by our experts.

When you get in touch with us and explain your requirements, we will initially offer a free in-home consultation. This will help us to create a personalized plan, which can cover all the needs of your loved ones. We pay special attention towards the personality of your loved one when creating this plan. In addition, we use the latest available technologies to provide an enhanced served to you. Therefore, you will be able to get the exact service that you have in your mind from our experts.

Who Pays The Caregivers ?

We as the agency Pay the caregivers. You never need to worry about paying caregivers.

Do Caregivers Drive or Cook?

Yes if you need a caregiver who drives let us know a caregiver can drive either your car or their car. Please note if they drive your car you need to add them on insurance. If they drive their own personal vehcile then you would be billed $ 0.65 cents per mile driven. If you need a caregiver who cooks just ask us and we can see who have in our system that knows how to cook.

Why Hire A Home Care Agency Vs Private Caregivers?

When you hire private caregivers you are responsible for any taxes, you also need to find a replacement when your caregiver can not work. Imagine the stress during the holiday time when you need a caregiver and can not find one. When you hire an agency we have more than one caregiver in our data base and take care of all taxes and payments so you are not responsible.

What Is The Caregivers Expeirence ?

Different caregivers have different levels of skill and experience. Be sure to mention what you need exactly, our goal is to get you the best caregiver according to your needs. Some of the workers are Nurse Aides, Home Health Aides, and some are LVN ( Nurses)


What Happens If We Do Not Like Caregiver

No worries we can get you another one. We have many in our system. We even have meet and greets where you can meet caregivers before hand.

Is There Contracts ?

Yes there are caregiver contracts but we have 1 day cancel notice and no start up fees or cancellation fees.

What Insurance Can You Accept ?

Long term care Insurance pays for non medical in home caregivers.

Does Medicare Pay ?

Medicare does not pay for non medical caregivers it pays for services like physical therapy and nurse visits but not for caregivers for around the clock care.

Dementia Care

For older adults with Alzheimer’s or dementia, daily activities can become quite hard. Something they still have to be is effective. That’s why disaster-free activities are so essential for individuals with dementia – they often come out “correct” regardless of what. Being happy with a satisfactory
activity lowers disturbance, anxiety, depression, and anger. It can even decrease the conduct of sunset or the need for medication. We have 5 easy thoughts for exercise that have no correct or incorrect way to do them to maintain your older adult feeling useful. Plus, the price is free or very modest!

Note: Each individual is distinct, so finding tasks that appeal to them may take some trial and error.As always, stay away from sharp objects and offer  your older adult-only products that will be secure. For instance, if you tend to put stuff in your mouth or bind sections of your body, prevent
tiny pieces or cord.

Folding Towels

Asking an older adult to assist you to fold the clothes is a excellent way to keep them busy, offer them a good practice and assist them to feel like they are adding to the home.The objective is to maintain them involved happily. Using hand towels is best since they are tiny and easy to fold. Regardless of how well or badly the towels are folded, the implication is that the exercise feels nice to your older adult.

Create a Memory Box

A memory or rummage box can assist you to feel linked to your older adult’s past profession and prior hobbies. Get some kind of container and replenish it with stuff they’d use at the job, picture copies and semi-important keepsakes, or hobby items. For instance, produce a container that immediately reminded them of their profession for a previous office worker. Include videos of paper, pencils, erasers, paper, letters (junk mail), a spreadsheet, folders of files, whiteboards, etc. Place nuts, bolts, PVC pipe parts and fittings, a piece of wood (no shrapnel), good grit steel wool,
and fishing line in your box, if the individual used to be a handy man. Someone who liked to cook or bake could love silicone spatulas, a whisk, a spatula, and other associated products.

Untie knots

Find or purchase from the local hardware store a light thickness rope height. Lock a few easy knots and ask for assistance from your older adult to untangle them.Thread Pasta with Yarn or String Get uncooked pasta with large holes and dense yarn or periodic string. Tap across the end of the
string to make a “needle,” making it bigger than the piece of pasta. Use your “needle” and thread to tie the pasta with your older adult. Create a Box of Fun Fabrics Get a container and placed in dozens of various fabrics. Try to obtain various colors and textures such as lace, felt, linen, satin, leather, cotton, etc. Your older adult may like to caress, fold and sort the materials.


Caregiver Experts

Our caregivers are available for your assistance throughout 24 hours of the day. Whenever your loved one is in need of assistance, our caregivers would act accordingly to provide the much-needed service. We offer the caregiver services to you with responsibility. Therefore, you will be provided with the chance to pass over the full responsibility to us and take care of your day to day work. We will make sure that your loved one lives a happy and a satisfying life.

Local Caregivers

We aim to hire caregivers that are local. If you live in Pasadena we want to hire caregivers that are close to you in nearby cities such as Santa Monica or Hollywood. We realize that traffic in Southern CA can be bad and we want local caregivers. We know that most of the senior caregiver services available in the region provide you with their services for just 4 or 6 hours a day. This will just help you to get a limited service. In such a situation, you will be provided with the responsibility to take care of your loved one. With your busy schedule, you will not be in a position to do it as well. Therefore, you will need to get in touch with one of our professional caregivers. Our services are available to you and your loved one throughout 24 hours of the day. Hence, there is no need for you to worry about anything.

Even though our services are available to you throughout 24 hours of the day, it doesn’t mean that you will have to spend a fortune to get the services that we offer. That’s because we don’t charge you on an hourly basis. Instead, we have affordable pricing plans and you will find it as an easy task to make our payments, without going through a lot of stress.

Dedicated Workers

Our services are backed up by a dedicated quality assurance team as well. They are always evaluating the quality of service offered. Therefore, you will be able to get the best quality in service and you will not end up with any disappointments at all. For example, our quality assurance team will frequently call the seniors and inspect about the quality of the service that they receive. Based on the feedback that they receive, we make appropriate adjustments to the services that we offer as well. Likewise, we are always open to suggestions and you will not have to worry about anything or keep second thoughts in mind when you are going forward with what we offer. The best thing about our senior care services is that they are customized according to the requirements of the seniors. We have a clear understanding about the senior mindset and what their expectations are. Therefore, we are providing an appropriate service as they need to help them stay away from frustration. We are also conducting supervisory visits on a regular basis to make sure that such a service is offered at all times.

High Quality Services

That’s because it ensures the quality of service offered by both internal employees as well as the caregivers. Therefore, you will never end up with any disappointments when you are getting the service that we offer. We are always striking to improve our services and provide an enhanced service to you. Therefore, we continuously analyze data that we collect and extract useful information out of them. Then we will be able to come up with new strategies, which can provide better living condition to your seniors. In the meantime, you will also be provided with a hassle free service by our experts.

What Should I Look For In Pasadena caregivers agencies ?

One should try and set up a free in home consultation with the agency they are seeking services with. Working with a local agency helps saves you time and energy. When you hire agencies that are  local they likely hire caregivers and nurse aides that are local as well. When you live in the Los Angeles area and your caregiver is coming from a far away city there are so many scenarios where issues can arise. If there is traffic a caregiver coming a distant can be delayed hours. Can you really risk such when you need your caregiver at certain times. So to overview make sure your company has the following:

  1. 24 Hour Phone Lines Available
  2. They hire local caregivers
  3. Offer Free In Home Assessments
  4. Agency Can Work With Medicare
  5. Agency has Pool Of Workers

Check The Agencies Contracts

Some agencies require a client to be enrolled for 2 weeks before they can cancel services. Be sure to ask your agency what there terms are and if they have hourly minimums. Additionally some companies charge more when the level of care is greater. If a senior has Alzheimer’s this may cost much more than say someone who just needs companion care. Some agencies also require a deposit and companies can take credit cards and payments online where as others can not.

Make Sure Agency Has A Physical Location

Make sure the agency has a license and has a location you can visit. Some companies are just ran out of homes and not offices.

We are experts in providing compassionate caregivers for individuals with the following conditions:

  • Alzheimer’s (AD) / Dementia / Memory Care
  • Parkinson’s disease (PD)
  • Multiple Sclerosis (MS)
  • Muscular Dystrophy (MD)
  • Lou Gehrig’s Disease (ALS)
  • Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease (COPD)
  • Other physical/mental limitations

We serve the Beverly Hills area and provide caregivers and nurses through out the surrounding areas.  We look forward to talking with you about your home care and caregiver needs.

The Home Care Registry has three primary functions:

  • Search for a registered Home Care Aide or Home Care Aide applicant by entering the Home Care Aide’s first name, last name, and Personnel identification number (PER ID / HCA ID).
  • Registration: A Home Care Aide Search: You can  submit and pay for an online application to be listed on the Home Care Aide Registry.
  • Renewal: Home Care Aide registration is valid for a two (2) year period. On or before the expiration of the registration, a Home Care Aide can request renewal of their registration and pay renewal fees online. If you require further assistance or explanation on how to use this site, you may contact the HCSB Customer Service by phone at 1-877-424-5778

Be sure to ask the agency if they can work with your insurance. Not all agencies have the licenses required to work with Medicare and Medical insurance polices . Medicare provides what is called home health care these services can include services like physical therapy and home health visits. These services do require a doctors note but are not hard to get. Other insurance polices that are know by the name long term care insurance can also cover ones home care bill. Such policies such as  Transamerica and other often have polices that can cover home care. Be sure to call us at 1-877-264-0896 if you have a long term care insurance policy or if you have Medicare insurance. 

Not all agencies provide the same services. The Following is a list of some of the many services we provide as a agency

Hygiene Assistance
Shower and Bathing Assistance
Dressing Assistance
Ambulation (walking) Assistance
Medication Reminders
Bathroom and Incontinent Assistance
Positioning and Transferring with wheelchairs.
Respite Care

Preparation of meals
Light Housekeeping
Pet Friendly
Transportation, groceries, errands, and doctors’ appointments

Temporary care or Short Shifts
Hourly care
Long term care
Overnight Care
Weekend Care
Holiday Care
Around the clock/ live in care
Traveling Caregivers

Additional Services

Non-Medical Home Care
Medical Home Health Care
Stroke Care
Alzheimer’s/ Dementia Care
Parkinson’s Care
Special Needs Care
Where we offer our services:
Nursing Home – Skilled nursing care
Assisted Living Facilities- congregate care, board care, adult home care
Domiciliary – In your place of residence or apartment
Independent Living – Senior apartments, senior housing, retirement communities
English, Chinese, Cantonese, Arabic,
French, German, Hindi, Hebrew,
Japanese, Italian, Mandarin Chinese,
Spanish, Russian, Portuguese, Polish,
Sign Language (ASL), Vietnamese.

When the time comes fro you to seek out caregivers Beverly Hills Ca from a reputable agency be sure to call us at 1-877-264-0896 or send an email or fax( ) or fax 1-866-634-0857

Seniors and the bedroom

It is imperative that you plan well ahead for your twilight years. That is if you intend to live in your own home without being a burden to others but still be in close proximity to your loved ones. There are a few adjustments that may be required to be attended to in your home to facilitate that thought. If you attend to them before you become a senior living in your own home during your twilight years would be much easier. It would also ensure that you would not be constrained in mobility, accessibility and overall functionality doing what you need to do around your own home. Live comfortably and carefully as you age

Making Adjustments

The AARP formerly the American Association of Retired People puts the issue in the right context in their much publicized mission statement which states “empowering people to choose how they live as they age”’. This mission statement says it all. Those seniors who would opt to continue living independently could do so by making the necessary adjustments which have been tried and tested over time. That is what the AARP is trying to help with, along with many other private funded and government aided organizations across the United States.

Make Sure You Are Protected

One of the most important areas in your home would be your bedroom and the attached bathroom. When you attain senior status the bedroom would be one area of your home where much of your time would be spent. Hence ensuring that it is comfortable in every way would be a priority.

Having your bedroom easily accessible compared to any other part of the home being the priority it may have to bee on the ground floor. A first floor bedroom if you are not equipped with a lift would be an issue when your mobility becomes restricted due to issues with the knees, back and others.

Bathroom Safety

The bathroom should be fitted out with the right accessories to ensure no dangers would occur when you are moving around inside. Research conducted has shown that many seniors are prone to accidents within the confines of the bathroom. Hence giving priority to how you would design the bathroom to ensure the minimum possibility of an accident occurring should be taken into serious consideration.

The bedroom is where your total concentration should be and it could start with the accessibility in and out. Movement inside should be smooth without placing any obstacles which could hinder free movement. The latches to the windows should be conveniently at hand to open and close easily. Once you age these simple chores could become quite arduous tasks and ensuring they remain at the right heights and easily operational would be what you should attend to before you would become a senior.

Safety is a priority

Carpets in the bedroom should be checked out  to ensure that it does not have fibers jutting out which could cause tripping which is another frequently occurring issue with most seniors as accidents in the past have shown. Throw away rugs which are elegant should also be avoided as they are liable to slip and cause tripping especially when seniors have restricted mobility. Keeping rugs away from then bedroom especially with frequent visits to the bathroom when age sets in could cause issues which should be avoided.

The bed too which is where you as a senior could be spending a good part of the day either due to tiredness or with other medical issues should also be at the right place in your bedroom. There have been many accidents with seniors falling off their beds hence one similar to a hospital bed with some sort of protection would be in your best interest. As a senior you would first need to take that some things are inevitable in life and that is aging. If you accept that fact then most of your issues could be seen in better light.

Bed linen could be dangerous

The bed sheets, spreads, and other linen that you would use to dress the bed should be carefully tucked in because keeping them hanging over the sides could be dangerous and cause tripping. You may move from the bed to the bathroom often and when doing so access shout be always unobstructed.  The other furniture that you would generally have inside a bedroom should be the minimum required. Whatever you would need like a chair should be sturdy and strong because you would invariably need to support yourself before you would sit in it.

Be Aware Of Light Weight Chairs

Light weight chairs could move or slip when you try to do so, hence a strong chair that would support your weight and comfortable sit you would be the best choice.
If you ensure that everything around your home caters well when you age and with assistance from many entities that are ready to help you through, living your twilight years would not be much of a hassle.

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