Senior Home Health Care Services In Los Angeles CA

Non Medical Home Care

Caregiving Cost

4 Hours5 Hours6 Hours7 Hours8 Hours9 Hours10 Hours11 Hours12 Hours
$100. 4 Hours is our minimum.
  • The more hours you do the lower the hourly rate. For example 4 hours is an hourly rate of $25, but 12 hours has an hourly rate of $18.
  • Times and a half is added after 8 hours.
  • We used to have a live in rate. A new law passed which does not allow us to do this anymore. If you are needing 24 hour care, it would be the 12 hour rate by 2.
  • Long term care insurance does cover the cost.


How to Start Caregiving Services

  1. Care Needs – You can fill out our Home Care Assessment form. It is important that you fill out as much as possible. This way we can get a caregiver who can meet your caregiving needs and match your schedule.
  2. Contract Look at our contract and sign our Terms of Services page. For any questions regarding contract call (310)734-0857.
  3. Finding Caregivers – Give us at least 3 days to find the right caregiver for your specific needs.



Skilled Home Health Care (Medical)


Cost of Medical Home Health Care – Covered through Medicare/Medical

What does Home Health Care offer?

  • Nurses – Monitors diabetes, injections, ostomy care, monitors vital signs, coordinates with doctor to manage medication and effectiveness.
  • Physical Therapy –  Provides assistance with development and restoration of joint functions. Assists with muscle weakness and balance.
  • Occupational Therapy – Helps patient with self care and develop skills that may be vital to every day living.
  • Speech Therapy -Assists with impaired communication skills and eating.
  • Home Health Aides –  Certified aides to assist with personal care and assistance. Medicare only covers 1 hour of assistance 2 to 3 days a week. If you need more hours look at our non medical home care services.
  • Dietary Services – Registered dietitian provides counseling and plans to fit the need of the patient.


How to Start Home Health Care Services

  1. Check qualification We will need to check your Medicare status. We will need your full name, age, and medicare number. Please call us at (310)734-0857 or fill out our form.
  2. Set an Appointment – Once we have verified that you are eligible to receive care through medicare. Our staff will reach out to you to schedule an appointment.



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