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Are you able to care for your senior loved one alone? Do you have the time to care for a senior loved one? Has your senior loved ones care needs become any better ? Do you trust just anyone to care for your senior loved ones? If you answered ” NO” to any of these questions then how are you going to solve this issue? Will you do it alone? Do you want us to not help you ? 1-877-264-0896 

Adapting to old age and the demands it creates can be especially challenging for seniors. Focusing on, and accepting its new challenge, may be even more difficult than the decline associated with old age. At this point, it is ideal that you consider Caregiver Senior options that would be beneficial for both you and your loved ones. The primary choices we have are to assist your loved seniors in their homes or to help enroll them into an assisted living center. Our goal is to provide care and integrity while your senior loved one is alive and do it in the best way possible.

Seeking professional home health care is one of the best possible options. You get all the assistance and personalized care possible to ensure you can have access to things you need at. Plus, your loved one can better handle their personal intentions – and do so with peace of mind.This ideal setting is what Your Direct Health Care offers you. As a team of trained and professional Porter Ranch Caregivers, we are committed to touching hearts and making a positive impact in the lives of people through our genuine care and the valuable services we offer. Whether it is due to aging, illness, or an injury, older adults need help from time to time. Our personalized care plans are designed to give seniors optimal care and ensure they can continue doing the things they love.

Does Medicare Pay For Caregivers ?

Medicare pays for what we know as home health care. Home health care are services that medicare pays for qualified seniors. In order to have  Medicare assist you one needs to first be eligible then have a nurse come out to do a free in home assessment. Remember that Medicare is centered towards medical care needs where as home care is centered towards typical  activities of daily living care. 

Types Of Services Medicare Will Cover

  • Skilled Nursing Assessments
  • Diabetic Teaching and Management
  • Pre-operative and Post-operative Care
  • Restorative Care
  • Wound Care
  • Colostomy Care

Skilled Nursing
This type of care is through a registered nurse or licensed vocational nurse.

Physical Therapists
Physical Therapy is designed towards your mobility and range of motion.

Occupational Therapy
Is more focused on fine motor skills like dressing and brushing your hair.

Speech Therapy
Is for clients who had a stroke and need assistance with swallowing

Clinical Social Worker
They can assist clients with other various care needs and typically look out for the clients care needs.

Home Health Aide
 A home health aide is like a caregiver in that they can assist clients with bathing and grooming needs. Medicare typically pays for a home health aide to come out 2x a week for bathing  needs for clients.

While you need to ensure optimal care for your elderly loved one, leaving such one while you run errands or go to work may feel scary. However, you can rest assured the health, happiness, well-being, and most importantly, safety of your loved ones are our priority. Aging does not mean your loved one(s) must be taken away from the home they have known. Our compassionate caregivers will do everything possible to ensure your loved one receives quality care and remains comfortable at home. As a professional non-medical home care service in Porter Ranch, Your Direct Health Care takes the burden off you so you can go about your normal business while we care for your loved one.

Porter Rnach Caregivers

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Why Choose Your Direct Health Care For Porter Ranch Caregivers ?

We are mothers, fathers, sons, daughters, loved ones, and friends ourselves… so we have had to experience and manage the same challenges aging brings, or any concerns that you have about your loved one. We understand how it feels – and like as a part of your family, we offer a helping hand to help you navigate these challenges. We also realize that while we want to provide the best personal care for your loved ones, many of us live very busy lives today.

 Your Loved Ones Care Needs

Truth is, your loved one has been there for you. It is now your turn. So we make it possible for you to provide for their needs while you still maintain your job and strive to meet other important obligations.More importantly, our hiring process is very strict to ensure only reliable, trustworthy, and highly trained home health caregivers or Los Angeles Nurses’ aide provide personalized assistance for your loved one. We run thorough background checks on potential hires; what we look out for include:

Home Care Costs Hourly And Live In

Perhaps one of the most often questions we are asked is what is the cost. The cost for caregivers services depends on what the level or care is for the client. Let us say you have needs for care for someone who has dementia and they need basic around the home chores this level of cost would be far different that someone who needs full care who is bed bound and wears adult diapers. Let us say you sign up and the hourly rate is $ 20 dollars per hour and you need care for 12 hours per day. So the rate is $ 20 dollar but by CA law anything over 8 hours becomes overtime of 1.5x the normal rate. So if you are getting 12 hours per day at 5 days per week your cost would break down as follows.

8 hours (x) $ 20.00 dollars = $ 160 dollars

4 Hours at overtime makes the rate $ 20 dollars (x) 1.5x = $ 30 ( x) 4 hrs = $ 120 dollars

12 Hour shift cost is 8 hours at $ 160 dollars and 4 hours at $ 120 dollars making total $ 280 dollars

Flat Rate 24 Hour Live In Caregiver = $ 295 per 24 hours

Now in order to save money you may be better off getting a 24 hour live in caregiver. Live in rates are much less expensive when you hire a live in caregiver at $ 295 dollars per day that is a difference of $ 295 dollars per 24 hour Live vs $ 560 dollars if you are paying $ 20 dollars per hour for two 12 hour shifts. The price difference is $ 295 dollars per day. Or $ 1,475.00 dollars per week, which makes your savings $ 5,900 dollars per month or $ 70,800.00 dollars per year.

How Does A Client Sign Up For Services ?

Normally after you call us at 1-877-264-0896 we set up an in home care interview where one of our care coordinators will give a proper assessment of the client and their care needs. During this time we also can bring possible caregiver candidates with us so you can choose who your caregiver for hire can be.

Does A Client Need To Sign Any Type Of Contract ?

When you enroll with us we will have you sign a contract that states we as the company are responsible for the caregivers payment and taxes. You are not the employer Your Direct Health Care is. You are not responsible for the caregiver or any legalities pertaining unto them. Our contracts are a simple 2 page which state clients can not try and offer private services to caregivers. They also state we would like a 1 day notice of any cancellation needed if you are no longer needed services. It is also during this time we come up with the rates. Not all rates are the same as the levels of care for each client will vary. 

Can Clients Change Their Hours ?

Yes you can adjust your hours but be aware sometimes when you totally change what you need the caregiver we hire may not be able to work the new hours needed.

Are The Caregivers Local ?

We try our best to make sure we hire local caregivers because having local caregivers just makes life easier for everyone.

Do Caregivers Drive?

Yes if you need a caregiver to drive you to appointments they can. Be aware that we do charge $ 0.65 cents per mile when caregiver drives their vehicle.

Are There Any Start Up Cost For Signing Up With Your Agency ?

No we have start up fees or cancellation fees. In addition we do require a 3 to 7 day deposit based on your care needs and what hours you need. Let us say you need a caregiver and agree to pay $ 20 dollars per hour for 8 hours per day and you need this 5 days per week. Your weekly cost would be $ 800 dollars per week. So a 5 day deposit for just your first week of care would be needed. After this we will set up payments either by check or by online credit / debit card transactions. If any money is not fully used we can return any unused money back via a check. 

What If We Do Not Like Our Caregiver ?

No problem the advantage of a home care agency is that  we have a pool of caregivers to choose from. So you as a client have options.

What we look for in our caregivers

  • Clean record
  • Licensed Through The State
  • Experience
  • Clean Driving Record
  • State License
  • TB Test ( If Applicable)
  • 4 Years Minimum Experience
  • CNA ( Nurses)
  • LVN ( Nurses)
  • Physical Therapy ( Medicare Accepted)
  • On Call Nurses
  • Hygiene Maintenance

Tasks We Perform At Your Direct Health Care

As we age, carrying out simple tasks such as bathing and dressing/grooming may feel overwhelming and burdensome. However, no matter how difficult it may be to maintain good hygiene, take daily bath, and get dressed, they are necessary and cannot be avoided. At Your Direct Health Care, our caregivers are trained to manage the personal care of the elderly so they can offer assistance in a reliable, yet respectful manner. Call us for local caregivers in Porter Ranch.


A lack of social interaction can quicken the onset of medical conditions like Alzheimer’s or dementia. Companionship is a key function of our compassionate caregivers at Your Direct Health Care. By spending quality time in conversations, seeing movies together, eating together, playing fun games, or going shopping, our caregivers provide the social support your loved one needs to keep the mind engaged and active.


Carrying out tasks such as sweeping, dusting, and mopping; cleaning the bedroom, kitchen, and bathroom; and taking care of the laundry, can be especially difficult for seniors. At Your Direct Health Care, we ensure housekeeping duties are well taken care off so you can easily take care of your other important obligations, and your loved one can enjoy absolute peace of mind.

Medication Reminders

While we are a professional non-medical care service, we also help to ensure effective medication management for our clients. Our caregivers can manage and maintain the pill box of your loved one, and where necessary, take note of any potential side effects that might result from taking certain medications. However, we do not administer invasive medications, change IVs, or give injections.


Using the toilet can pose a tricky challenge as we grow older – even if no one likes to talk about it. Our professional caregivers at Your Direct Health Care understand how frustrating this situation can be. As such, we ensure the toilet and its environment is safe, clean, and usable for your loved one, and adopt a proactive approach in helping your elderly loved one do what needs to be done.
Your Direct Health Care – State Licensed Caregivers in Los Angeles CA

More About Us

Your Direct Health Care is a state licensed home care service. All of our caregivers are fully licensed, bonded, and insured. We realize that many seniors do not welcome the idea that they need care, thinking they are perfectly fine. As a professional service, we only hire caregivers that can truly care for your loved one and give you the peace of mind knowing they are in safe hands.
Whether you need a live-in and/or on-call home care, caregivers at Your Direct Health Care can provide it for your elderly loved one. We are readily available to answer any and all questions you may have regarding our home care services. Give us a call today at (877) 264-0896 or send us a message at info@yourdirecthealthcare.com. You can rest assured we will help you make the right, no-pressure decision that is ideal for your elderly loved one – and gives you the peace of mind you need while you are away.

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