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Thousand Oaks Caregivers CA

As we begin to get older the many task we once took for granted can now become huge obstacles. Simple tasks such as walking, bathing, and grooming may now require us to need around the clock care.


One thing inevitable in life is aging, and as we age we begin to make plans on how to live comfortably in our old age. The older people become, the less capable they are of taking care of themselves, and they eventually must fall back on their family and friends to take care of them. They begin to need help for virtually all of their everyday tasks. That’s why we have come up with the perfect home care services for your senior citizens who need caregivers. Thousand Oaks Caregivers by Your Direct Health Care is a special health care agency that caters for the well being of both senior citizens and disabled elders. For many years now, we have offered dedicated caregiver services in areas like Newbury Park, CA and Thousand Oaks Ventura County. Our caregiver mission is to provide high-quality care for senior citizens at quite affordable rates, and we are committed to making improvements in our training and in the services we offer. No matter how big or small your caregiver needs are, we are equal to the task. We have well-trained caregivers who oversee all kinds of care for seniors. Sign up with us now at Thousand Oaks Caregivers CA By Your Direct Health Care and our qualified private caregivers will offer you the much-needed assistance. We also have 24/7 care/live in, in case you require an around-the-clock attention. You can hand your parents over to us and be rest assured that they are in safe hands.

Thousand Oaks Caregivers

Thousand Oaks Caregivers

Hygiene Assistance
Shower and Bathing Assistance
Dressing Assistance
Ambulation (walking) Assistance
Medication Reminders
Bathroom and Incontinent Assistance
Positioning and Transferring with wheelchairs.
Respite Care

Preparation of meals
Light Housekeeping
Pet Friendly
Transportation, groceries, errands, and doctors’ appointments

Temporary care or Short Shifts
Hourly care
Long term care
Overnight Care
Weekend Care
Holiday Care
Around the clock/ live in care
Traveling Caregivers

Thousand Oaks Caregivers– Screening Process

Our qualified and well-trained nursing assistants and caregivers in Thousand Oaks are experienced in all the needed areas of assistance including, bathing, walking, dressing, incontinence, medication reminders, preparing meals, Alzheimer’s/dementia care, as well transporting them to grocery stores or keep their appointments with doctors. We know that professional caregivers have the duty of handling their patients with utmost reverence and compassion, and we have selected the best nurses and caregivers to take care of them.

Staff Members

With our highly-trained staff, we assure you of the best home care you can ever get for your aged ones. The staff is committed to giving your aged ones a home away from home!The empathetic nature of our care givers has endeared many seniors and older adults in Thosuand Oaks to our home care services. The kind of love and care our care givers offer help their patients recover easily from surgeries or injuries. There also is mutual trust between our care givers and their patients. Our major concern is the sound health and ultimate well being of our patients.

Do We Sign A Contract?

Yes, we have a contract that is required to be signed. The contract protects you as a client and states that we as the agency are the ones paying the caregivers. We have no start-up fees and no cancellation fees either.

Is There Any Start-Up Costs ?

No we have no start-up costs but we do require a 1-week deposit to begin services. Let us say you are given an hourly rate at $ 25 dollars per hour and you are doing 8 hours per day by 5 days per week. This would make your weekly cost $ 1,000.00 dollars. So a $ 1,000.00 dollars deposit would be required. After this we can bill either weekly or bi weekly. You also have the option on paying with a debit card through automtaic biling. 

Do We Get To Choose Caregiver ?

Yes we can set up a consultation where you meet a care team manager and a caregiver and get to meet other caregivers as well. We ideally want you to choose someone you like and that you feel comfortbale with.

What Are Ways To Cut Down Costs ?

If you have Medicare you may get some though very little services. Medicare will assist with care like physical therapy and home health visits. The other way to keep costs down is if you are going to do a live in. We can charge you a flat rate vs hourly which adds up.


Thousand Oaks Caregivers – Languages

Non-Medical Home Care
Medical Home Health Care
Stroke Care
Alzheimer’s/ Dementia Care
Parkinson’s Care
Special Needs Care
Where we offer our services:
Nursing Home – Skilled nursing care
Assisted Living Facilities- congregate care, board care, adult home care
Domiciliary – In your place of residence or apartment
Independent Living – Senior apartments, senior housing, retirement communities
English, Chinese, Cantonese, Arabic,
French, German, Hindi, Hebrew,
Japanese, Italian, Mandarin Chinese,
Spanish, Russian, Portuguese, Polish,
Sign Language (ASL), Vietnamese.
Our Home Health Care Services

Thousand Oaks Caregivers – 24 Hour Caregivers

We do not stop at only transforming lives in  Los Angeles, we are also dedicated to making sure you are healthy by providing medical care to help keep you strong and sound. We have skilled nurses at our Medicare center who are trained to offer stroke care, Parkinson’s care, physical therapy, speech therapy, occupational therapy, social services, as well as home health aides. Our nurses in Thousand Oaks have gone through a thorough medical training and have acquired all the required skills in the field of medicine. Our services also include changing of wound dressing, IV services, monitoring of vital signs, and managing diabetes. We equally have some therapy sessions for our injured clients and those who need assistance in strengthening the injured parts of their body. Physical therapy helps patients to improve on physical strength and their ability to move. With speech therapy, we help seniors to speak, swallow, and breathe better. Occupation therapy helps with their daily tasks of eating, walking, and many others. With our licensed nurses, you are guaranteed of getting the best assistance on all the services we offer.

We seek to provide patients guaranteed of very high quality services from our Thousand Oaks Caregivers CA by Your Direct Health Care without an hourly minimum rate. Caregivers work around the clock, and this means that our patients are attended to even when they get up at night and need companyWe are professional and accredited, and our services are at very affordable rates. We are also in partnership with other good health care agencies. This is to help widen our connections and promote complete and proper health care for all our patients, regardless of their large numbers. They partner with us in providing the best quality health care you deserve. Senior Home Care is licensed and insured, and our goal is the maximum satisfaction of our patients. Sign up with us and be assured of getting 100% value for your money. If you are still in search of a reliable home care center, search no more because Senior Home Care in Thousand Oaks  is right here for you!
Long Term Care Insurance (LTC) Accepted. We provide long term home care, we also accept long term care insurance regardless of the size of the company it is coming from. ACSIA Partners, Bankers Life, Mutual of Omaha, Genworth Financial, John Hancock, Guide One, New York Life, Transamerica, State Farm, Mass Mutual financial group, Metlife, Med America, Conseco, Pacific Way, Northwestern Mutual, and many others are the long-term care insurances we accept.working days are from Monday to Sunday, and our working hours are from 8 am to 8pm. Call now for your free in home consultation, we will be glad to work around your schedule.

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