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If you need any assistance with your day to day life or if you are looking for a caregiver to help one of your loved ones, you can contact us at Your Direct Healthcare. We have aligned our services accordingly to provide the best possible service to you with your needs.Your Direct Health Care has come to the understanding that many seniors are needing in home caregiver service in the Calabasas areas. Having highly trained and responsible care providers gives seniors and their families a peace of mind knowing their families are being taken care of.

Additional Information

  • No Long Term Contracts
  • No Hourly Minimums
  • Free In Home Meeting
  • Clients Choose Caregivers
  • No Cancellation Fees
  • No Start Up Costs
  • Driving Transportation
  • Agency Pays Caregiver ( The caregiver works for agency) You as client do not have responsibility for taxes etc 
  • 24 Hour Live In Care
  • Home Health Services Through Medicare ( Call 1-877-264-0896) These services include nurses, therapy, and home health visits
  • Assistance through long term care Insurance

Professional Caregivers Calabasas by Your Direct Health Care

  1. Get assistance with showering and getting dressed.
  2. Taking care of your appointments.
  3. Recovering from an injury or an illness.
  4. Want to give a break to the current caregiver.
  5. At a risk of falls at home and need assistance.
  6. Driving and Transportation
  7. Meal and Medication Preparation
  8. Dementia Care
  9. 24 Hour Live In Care
  10. Housekeeping

Why use Our Caregivers Calabasas Services ?

Unlike many agencies who can only help you with medical or non medical care, here a Your Direct Health Care we can assist clients with medical needs ranging physical therapy, speech therapy, registered nurses, medical social workers, home health aides and nurses. Ask us about how you can get this type of care covered through Medicare or if you have long term care insurance please call us at 1-877-264-0896.

How We Hire Our Caregivers

When hiring caregivers we seek to provide you not only high quality caregivers but caregivers that are licensed, bonded, and insured. In addition caregivers are to be registered with the State of California the The Registry has three primary functions:

  • Search: An individual can search the status of a registered Home Care Aide or Home Care Aide applicant by entering the Home Care Aide’s first name, last name, and Personnel identification number (PER ID / HCA ID).
  • Registration: A Home Care Aide can submit and pay for an online application to be listed on the Home Care Aide Registry.
  • Renewal: Home Care Aide registration is valid for a two (2) year period. On or before expiration of registration, a Home Care Aide can request renewal of their registration and pay renewal fees online.

We have a team of caregiver professionals in Calabasas, who are aware of how to offer the best caregiver services to the people in need. As a result, we have been able to maintain a solid reputation throughout the past among many of our clients. You are looking for a caregiver to get assistance with the day to day work that you have at home. Our Agency can help you with that and make sure that you get exactly the service that you need. We have provided an appropriate training to our staff in order to help you with that. Hence, you can go ahead with the services that we offer while keeping peace of mind.

Caregivers Calabasas

It is hard for you to watch your loved ones being dependent on others. But our professional services will make sure that you don’t feel anything like that. We will take care of your loved ones as if he/she is one of our own. We will take care of all the needs as well and you will not have to worry about anything. You just need to provide us with the opportunity and we will make sure that all the needs are met at the need of the day.
Most of us are busy with our day to day work and we really don’t have time to take care of our loved ones. That’s where you can seek the assistance of. Our services are reliable and continuous. We will help you to take care of your day to day priorities, by taking care of your loved ones. Hence, you will be able to get much needed assistance from the services that we offer. Your Direct Healthcare is a licensed home care agency. Hence, you don’t need to keep any doubts in mind when going for the services that we offer. We maintain all the standards with the services that we offer as well.

How To Get Started With Our Services

When you call we begin to get basic information from you. We get the following basic information from you

  • What days do you need care
  • Do you need Live in Care
  • Do you need Driving
  • What level of Care Is Needed
  • Is there any insurance you have for possible coverage

All you have to do is to give us a call and we will explain how to proceed with. The steps that you will have to go through in order to obtain the services that we offer at Your Direct Healthcare are not lengthy. Hence, you will be able to go through the process and obtain the service you need with minimum frustration.
Once you get our services, we will take necessary steps in order to customize the service you need. Therefore, your loved one will be able receive a personalized service according to the specific requirements. If the loved one is at home, we will come to your home, figure out the specific needs and provide a customized service. Even if your loved one is at a hospital or any other facility, we can come there and provide the service.

Custom Health Care Plans

If you are still not convinced, you can contact us. We can take a look at your specific needs and explain how you will be benefited with the caregiver services that you need.
Even if you need a fast service, we can send caregivers to your facility immediately and help you with your needs. You don’t have to spend a fortune to get the home care in Calabasas to get services that we offer. When you compare the benefits that you can get from the services we offer along with the amount you pay, you will figure out that it is worthy to go ahead with us.  We also provide discounts for the new customers.

Our caregiver agency knows the importance of keeping your loved one happy. Hence, we will provide an appropriate service in order to keep the loved one happy. We will understand the specific needs and requirements of your loved one. In addition, we will get to know about the preferences of your loved one as well. With that, we can offer a service that he/she would love to receive. Our services are flexible according to the preferences of your loved one. Hence, we will be able to keep your loved one happy at all times.

Your Direct Healthcare has been serving the aged community in Calabasas with the service that they have been needing throughout the past. We will continue to offer the same service in the future as well. If you are interested in getting such services for your loved one, you can simply get in touch with us.
We can also provide free in home consultations to you in order to help you with getting a better understanding of our services. Then you can go ahead with the services that we offer by getting all the required information.

How to be a Good Care Giver

Care giving for everyone comes with its own challenges whether you are a neighbor, family member or a professional. It doesn’t matter the needs and the dependence/independence level of the person being taken care of, as a caregiver some skill is required of you in order to meet the needs or long term care of seniors. Self-care is more or less no challenge compared to caring for someone else. From a study, 65,000,000! Americans offer unpaid care giving services to relatives, neighbors, or even a friend.

Care giving Is  Is Not As Easy As It Seems

But looking after other people is not as easy as it sounds. If you are in the position to care for someone else, you are involved in a daily practice, a necessary practice of prioritizing other people’s needs before yours, their health needs and comfort needs. But when you realize the good you are doing on making the life of someone else better and easier you will also realize the reward in care giving.

The importance of good communication cannot be over emphasized. In fact, your seniors can live longer with effective communication. As a care giver, you might end up replaced by another caregiver if you do not offer enough care which is as a result of lack of skills. But these skills are not always inherent in everyone, most people have to work extra miles to get these skills of a good communicator. The issue of offering effective care to seniors is not just a matter of communication, there are other skills. A lot of seniors appreciate caregivers who go beyond the technical “know how” to social “know how”. Below are some of the “very” important skills that you need to have as a caregiver to be able to offer optimal and efficient care giving services for a happy and healthy senior.

As a caregiver, you are an instrument of health improvement to your seniors. Ability to communicate is a requirement and a measure of how instrumental you as a caregiver is. Caring can be as simple as doing simple chores and daily activities that keep the senior in good health. It could also be as difficult as making sure that medical appointments are not missed even when the senior don’t make mention of such. No matter the demand for the communication aspects, you just have to be skilled at it.

Poor communication holds no advantage to both the caregiver and the senior. Instead, it can destroy the already existing relationship especially when the senior is member of the family or a neighbor. There are cases also where a senior has more than one caregiver. In such a condition the caregivers should be able to pass information effectively in much clarity as possible to each other. It doesn’t matter how minute the information can be, caregivers should make sure that their communication with each other is a detailed one.
One aspect of the communication skill is listening. Endeavor not to make decisions without paying attention to what the senior has to say about your decisions. Also be attentive and act according to what they utter, make sure you do as they say. Sometimes the well being of caregivers is not on what they need, but knowing that there is someone who is open and ever ready to listen to what they have to say. You just have to be skilled at listening.

Talking or passing on information effectively can be time taking. But if you work on your talking abilities and focus more on using less words to convey a very important message, you will for sure be a reaper of many benefits. Yelling at seniors because they are old should not even be in your option as a caregiver at all because yelling has never yielded a positive result. These seniors are also humans remember and have emotions to feel every word you say to them. Just as mentioned, try speaking effectively by using coincide words instead of opting to yell at them. This way you we be confronted everyday by a very happy senior.If you ever need to use more words, then you have to talk real slowly with less noise. That proves a great skill in taking care of seniors.


Do not just feel pity for seniors, try to show empathy. Empathy allows you to try putting yourself in someone else’s shoes. This way you understand them better which increases the amount of time spent with them and also the quality of care that you provide.One of the best things you can ever do is providing care and support for the well-being of other people. It is the most selfless act anyone can ever venture into. Since you have taken such a bold step to doing such, it is time you move step further on how you can be able to carry out such effectively. You should be skilled in terms of showing empathy. Be acquainted with the challenges and the irreplaceable needs of the person you are taking care of, you should also know their limitation this way you make things easier for both parties and as well build a very strong relationship with them.

Patience For Elders Is Needed

Patience is not just a skill for caregivers. It is a great skill that is beneficial in every walks of life. Patience basically means you take things easy and try to keep track of what you are really doing at the present moment. Patience also means you have to communicate effectively with your senior without having to shout, sound arrogant or proud
Being patient with your own needs is also part of care giving, yes placing another person first is unnatural. But as a caregiver you should have this skill. Constantly remind yourself of the importance of taking care of a senior and how it outpaces your will and likelihood to show proud and selfish characters.

Not everyone is optimistic, if you are such a person, you might want to develop yourself in this area. Not just in care giving alone, positivity is key to success in all you do. Positivity acts as a happiness catalyst for both you and the senior. When you are positive, you become a sign of hope each time a senior sees you, they become happy hearing that you are coming to take care of them and this in turn helps achieve the greater goal of making them comfortable and improving their health condition.
If you focus on making a senior happy- a skill you need to be good at. You naturally become optimistic and happy, this also improves the quality of care offered compared to when you are always unhappy or grumpy.

A caregiver should be cognitive of the happenings around the environment. You are to be skilled at observing changes and circumstances that the senior in question is going through. It is required of you to be able to spot when they are in need of medical care, when they are trying their best to say something to you but feel reluctant and when they need some time alone. You should be able to spot these happenings and take actions if they are within your control or report to the appropriate people if not.

Basically, one can define body language as a mix of both communication and observation. One advantage of the above mentioned skills (communication and observation) is the ability to understand a person’s body language. You should be able to spot out and understand the body language of your senior no matter how minute the body language might be, it doesn’t matter if you are on the talking or listening side. Many times seniors are not able to express themselves so well verbally due to speech impairment, but can do so by showing and making some signs. It is left for you to point out their needs at that particular time and whether passive or active. By body language you can attend to the needs of seniors who don’t necessarily want to say anything.


As a caregiver, your reward is in knowing and acknowledging that you have offered help and support to someone who unfortunately cannot do that by themselves. Caregivers have the responsibility of making the life of seniors easier, better, happier and more fun. Hence, applying the aforementioned skills can help you achieve such effectively when caring for seniors, this includes helping care givers with multiple tasks.
Communication skills is one that has been hammered on in this article, because without this skill, helping to better lives of seniors won’t be possible, communication is vital for your senior to receive the best care.


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