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What is Home Health Care?

When someone says home health care they often confuse this term with home care. Home Health care deals with the aspect of care that is medical in nature. Such care would consist of care as home health nurse visits and physical therapy. Nurse care services can consist of things such as nurses, doctors, or other licensed professionals. Home Care while it deals in nature with licensed caregivers does not deal with the medical side of care so to speak. Home Care is often used to associate non medical services by those who are not nurses. The following list while not exclusive shows how these two aspects work in relation to another yet are so different. Always ask us about Medicare options because there are types of care through medicare and long term care insurance which can assist seniors. The most sought out service in Home Health are Caregivers in West Hills.

Home Health Care Services Can Include

  • Nurse Assessment
  • Medicine And Pain Management
  • Cancer Care
  • Hospice Care
  • Physical Therapy
  • Oxygen Therapy
  • Hospice Care
  • Palliative Care

Home Care Services Can Include

  • Bathing and Dressing
  • Medicine Reminders
  • Meal Preparation
  • Bathroom Assistance
  • Respite Care
  • Housekeeping
  • 24 Hour Live In Care
  • Driving And Transportation

How is Home Health Care Paid For ?

Home health care services in West Hills are typically provided through Medicare or they can be private pay. When you need home health care services then an agent here at Your Direct Health Care can assist you with getting your doctor order so that you can begin services.

  • client or family (out of pocket)
  • Insurance Companies ( Medicare, Medical)

When a person gets enrolled with home care services they can get a variety of services. The following list are some of the services a client can get while they are enrolled for home health care.

  • Home Health Care Aides- they assist families with tasks such as bathing and clean up in the homes. ( Think Activities Of Daily Living)
  • Medical Social Workers – help clients with regards to evaluating the social factors that contribute to affecting those in need.
  • Physical Therapy – They assist to restore strength of clients who are disabled or need help getting their strength back. The Physical therapists can work with caregivers as well to maintain an exercise program. This ensures a better overall system as the days the Physical Therapists is not at work the caregiver can continue the work load to keep everything consistent.  \

What Medicare Does Not Pay For

  • 24 Hour Around The Clock Care
  • Food Delivery
  • Prescription drugs (with a few exceptions—consult your physician).
  • Meals delivered to the home.
  • Homemaker services like cleaning, laundry and shopping.

Not all home care agencies are certified to provide care to people with Medicare. Those that are certified have met federal requirements for patient care. This allows them to provide home health services to patients covered by Medicare and Medicaid. Due to legal requirements, the agencies must report to Medicare, and their services are watched and controlled.

How To Assist Seniors in West Hills

Ever wondered how to take care of your pets as you age in place? Ever thought of adopting a pet as you age in place? Read through this article for a guide and an answer to your questions. Survey carried out shows that owning a pet is beneficial to the physical and mental wellness for people of all ages. In the case for seniors, fight or flight hormones, cortisol which is a stress hormone are lowered whereas the feel good hormone serotonin is released in just 15 minutes of bonding with pets. This chain reaction has its own benefits: heart rate, blood pressure and stress levels drop as, in fact it is a chain of beneficial reaction if I would say. When this mutuality continues over time, the cholesterol level is very likely to drop and the person in question conquers the territory of the heart from depression, heart diseases and stroke.

Getting A Senior Pet For Elders

Senior dogs and cats are better for the elderly because they are more calm, quiet, and less
maintenance.! A good companion if you don’t always move around is the cat because you don’t have to take them for walks. Also you can opt in for small dogs with pee pads or caged animals like the parrot. Most times senior dogs and cats are recommended because of their calmness, less noise produced and most of all they are very easy to maintain. When getting a senior pet, it is good that you have them checked by a veterinarian because per-existing illness can make you spend more or even drain you of your funds.
For seniors who specifically want a dog, there are some things that you might want to consider before jumping into the store. The difficulty or impossibility to drive to and fro the vet shop is a great worry. Initially the costs are high, they also tend to worry more about the future conditions that may hinder them from taking good care of the pet.
Many seniors also feel that they are already a burden with their worsening health condition and that getting a pet can add to such a burden. Nevertheless, finding the perfect pet for your senior or family is not so tasking, the benefits far outweigh the so called burdens.

Top Reasons to Get A Pet Getting A Senior Pet For Elders

There are thousand and one reasons to adopt a pet. Their security, their security, pets are great friends that offer seniors with better quality time and also improve the aging in place.
The pet for seniors created an adoption program that aids the matching of senior dogs and cats with seniors. They achieved the success of this program by working out the solutions of the challenges faced by the seniors concerning pet adoption. The program chooses calm and housebroken older dogs, pays for most of the fees for adoption and supports you in every other step of the way. They have a very flexible policy that even if the animal is not a good fit, the organization is tasked with the responsibility of taking back the pet and refunds any fees you have paid. There are also other humane shelters that are trying to follow this noble footstep.
MORE ADVICE Discover more tips for comfortably aging in place!\

Home Care Vs Alternatives How To Choose

Those who have had experiences working with seniors say that pets are like the morning sunshine that cause withdrawn seniors to step out of their place of hiding. Through walking and grooming of pets seniors engage in little cardio and mild activity, they also feel a sense of belonging, a need to connect well with the world. Far proved, pet therapy helps Alzheimer’s Sun downers. “Animals’ non-verbal communication and profound acceptance can be soothing for those with difficulty using language; some may even connect with memories of their own treasured pets,” (Byrne, 2015). The thought of night times is disorienting and confusing for seniors or folks with the Alzheimer’s disease that they feel the need to run away from home, having a pet helps to prevent this issue by keeping such patients connected and occupied.

Pet therapy has also shown great results on appetite, brain stimulation, tactile activity and social interaction. For seniors with a lonely life, the humility and loyalty shown from the unconditional love of a dog brings meaning and heals old wounds.

You should take the important step of asking your doctor, therapist, social worker for any available pet therapy programs that are available in your community. The decision of giving away pets or not taking one into your home doesn’t mean you should miss out from all the lovely benefits of pet therapy, it can be from paying visit to other homes with pets. There are available pet therapy homes with open and welcoming arms for your visits all over the country. Alliance of Therapy Dogs and Therapy Dogs International are volunteer-run organizations with different centers and outposts all over the world. They also offer home services, they van bring well trained dogs to your home, a dog that is well-behaved. The dog can play cuddles and perform other roles during a half hour or one hour session, that’s much though, remember what we said earlier, all you need is just 15 minutes for the series of chain reactions.

Service Dogs for Seniors! !

Service dogs no doubt are the best options for a senior with disabilities. “The Americans With Disabilities Act (ADA) of 2011 defines service dogs as those trained to do work directly related to a person’s disability. Emotional support animals and dogs used as crime deterrents are excluded from this definition. A service dog is expected to accompany a person with a disability at all times,” (Wang, 2013). Interestingly, service dogs pass through training that makes them calm in situations and also help owners with mobility issues.

Service dog skills include: pushing closed doors, opening doors with the help of a strap, seniors who use wheel chairs can sit up straight, get their wheelchairs and walkers retrieved, place their feet on footrests and arm rests with the help of service dogs, these dogs can also prevent falls. Amazing isn’t it? The kind of tasks that these dogs can perform! In emergency situation these service dogs are trained and perform lifesaving tasks, they can retrieve your medication, they could also call 911, open the door for EMT responders, they also can run to get help or bark for help and are keen to identify emergency, they can help their handler to cough or breath better by laying down on their chests.

Seniors with hearing impairment, service dogs take the responsibility of notifying them of the presence of other people, particular sounds.
Visually impaired seniors are not left out in the services offered by the service dogs as they are trained to help owners avoid obstacles, signal a change in elevation, retrieve dropped objects, carrying and delivering messages, they can even warn if an unseen vehicle is approaching.

Finding the right service dog increases the amount of exercise that their pet owners do compared to non-pet owners since seniors cannot carry out the normal exercises if they are wounded or susceptible to false. When the task of taking care of dogs becomes somewhat burdensome, there are nonprofit organizations that have volunteered to help seniors with cleaning and walking dog multiple times a day. If you are not aware of this, be on the lookout if there is one inn your locality.

Adopting a pet entails having the funds. The cost for puppies might be up to $800 for the first year, which includes their healthcare, food, toys and everything else that the pet needs. If you are not in a better position to spend up to $500 a year for a dog or cat, you can go for a bird or fish. Most times depending on the situation, elderly people might want to give up their pets. They might find it difficult to take care of them physically. Their nursing home or assisted living facility may not allow them to have pets, travelling can also be a reason to give up pets or they feel they need to be relieved of the responsibility of taking care of them.

It is rare a topic that talks about the dangers associated with owning a pet as a senior citizen. “Over 86,000 people per year have to go to the emergency room because of falls involving their dogs and cats, and these fractures can be devastating for the elderly,” said Judy Stevens, an epidemiologist with the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (Selig er, 2012) studies have shown that the more elderly people become attached to pets especially as a source of happiness, the more danger it is that they become depressed when these pets are no longer there. This actually is a correlation and not a causation, but a great factor to consider if you have high chances of falling into depression or mental illness. Some doctors after studying seniors and their pets believe that elderly persons can fall into depression or other severe conditions when their pets die.

Truth! Life can become so isolating as one ages on, you sometimes lose age mates and people you grew up with. The death of a pet can really aggravate the issue. Studies also show that having a very good social network helps on your happiness that having a pet affects it a little. Although, these opposing studies create conflicting views. It is advised you read through this article still and do what you feel is the very best for you. Because no one knows you better than yourself and no one can be more honest with you on whether keeping a pet is a good idea or not. A good way is to make a list of the pros and cons. On the opinions of many doctors, they believe that the benefits outweigh the risks. You can also try to get a co-caretaker for the pet.

Limited Mobility

Do you have limited mobility? Is it difficult for you to bend down and not fall over when trying to pick up a dog that is running circles around you? Is it hard to stoop down or bend to clean cats or dogs at such a low level? You can ask family members or loved ones or even volunteer agencies to come to aid with the physical stress and reduce accident occurrences. If there is non, you can then give away your pet. This is a very difficult decision and your loved ones and family doctor can help you do such. The disadvantages of having a pet is such a difficult subject because virtually everyone would not like to give up their pet. Another great idea is getting a trusted family member, neighbor or friend to help check on the well being of your pet. If you have a grand child who already have bonds with your pets, they most times don’t relent to the request of taking your dog for a walk or scoop out the litter from the cat. One advice, proud goes before a fall, so don’t fall and break your bones because you are too proud to ask for help. Be sure to have a plan B or a pet helper to help you prevent injuries that may lead to surgery, rehabilitation that may last for months and a lot of emotional stress.


How Not To Forget About Your Pet

It is important to keep in mind the needs of pets and not get carried away by their love and care. In several cases, elderly people can forget about the medication or food of their pet. They may get to a point where walking their dog becomes difficult, as such it is ideal to choose a designated family member, or an in-home health aid who are ever willing to check on your pet and take care of them. First of all, make sure that you yourself is well taken care of. Remember the oxygen mask metaphor (there is no way you can take care of others without taking care of yourself first. Seniors most of the time go without food because of a tight budget but make sure that their dogs are well fed because of the love that they have for them. An advise! Never do such, there are non-profit organizations that can provide assistance to aging pet owners. if you don’t know how to go about finding them, you can meet veterinarians as they are good sources that can help you find such assistance.

Perfect planning is always the key, have a succession plan for your pet, this way you are ensuring your own welfare. Plans that include designating a dog parent incase of some situation like illness which makes you unable to care for your pets, the god parent or guardian can come from your family or a trusted pet adoption agency.
If however, your decision is to give up your pet for adoption the best method is by open adoption. You should let your designated guardian aware of such decision so that they can try to bond with the pet to see if they can be the rightful owners. another important tip, during adoption try to arrange for visits if possible.

Family Members Assistance

Having a family member or home health aids as caregivers can take care of you and your pets. A pet might become much burden when they grow to become needy with multiple medications and high cost and demand for maintenance routines, this way most caregivers will find it difficult to carry out both responsibilities of taking care of pets as well as carry out their care giving jobs.

Your last option is Euthanizing a pet, and should be a joint decision. Most seniors believe that it would be heart breaking to le another owner adopt a pet because of existing bond with them, so it is better they put the animal down, not a normal case though. The options are numerous just like stated in the article: adoption, foster care, and shelters that can help take care of your pet. One thing we should all go home with in this article is, keep your pet for as long as you can, but don’t be reluctant or too afraid of circumstances to start a succession plan when there is need to. When doing so, try as much as possible to make visiting plans, because taking a pet away can cause a great deal of mental and emotional breakdown for seniors. Many seniors in West Hills lookout for these visits.


Not everyone can handle a pet when they are aging. Keep close contact with your veterinarian, family members and doctor if you insist that staying with one the best option for your health. If you are of good health or you have a willing caregiver who has agreed to take care of the pet, then you can continue to enjoy the life-changing benefits of owning a pet. It doesn’t matter though, can be an aging dog, cat or bird, they can each be the best medicine and your best friend or all in one special social package.

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