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When your loved one needs senior home care services and caregivers who do you call? There are so many options out there it can be indeed difficult to  know where to begin. Your Direct Health Care is a full home care service provider that assists seniors with their home care needs. We can assist seniors with many aspects of care such as the following 

  • Dementia Care
  • Alzheimer Care
  • 24 Hour Live In Care
  • Medication Reminders
  • Meal Preparation
  • Driving Transportation ( When caregiver has to drive senior to appointments Your Direct Health Care charges $ 0.65 cents per mile driven in their car. If client provides vehicle then we do not charge for any miles) 
  • Bathing Assistance

How We Hire Our Workers

Your Direct Health Care works with many nursing schools throughout the San Fernando Valley and Los Angeles. Our workers have a minimum of 3 years experience and are registered with the Department Of Social Services In The State Of CA. This requires caregivers  to pass a background check and have a clean record before they can be hired by a Home Caregiver Agency. In addition we also seek drug test our workers to make sure they are high quality people.

What Types Of Workers Do We Hire

  • Caregivers ( Non Medical)
  • Home Health Aides
  • Nurse Aides ( CNA’S)
  • Physical Therapists
  • LVN ( Licensed Vocational Nurses)
  • RN ( Registered Nurses)
  • 24 Hour Live In Caregivers

Caregivers Woodland Hills
In Woodland Hills Your Direct Health Care tries to remain  the best and most effective care-giving services provider that offers a lot for affordable cost. We have lots of well trained and professional caregivers that are experienced and committed to stay with old or diseased people in need of assistance and help. We have an exciting array of services that are centered on giving our best for every client. Your loved ones, relatives, old parent will get better, happier and give you great reviews about our services. Below is a list of our services and while you must hire us for all care giving jobs.

What Insurances Pay For Home Care ?

Any type of long term care insurance provider pays for home care. These are policies like farmers  and Metlife long term care. Medicare pays for what is know as Home Health Care. Home Health Care pays for services like nurses and physical therapy but will not pay for services like caregivers to come to a client’s home for 6 to 8 hours per day. Remember Medicare does not pay for senior caregiver services.

Home Care Costs

Let us say based upon the home interview your home care costs are $ 25 dollars per hour. And you need a 12 hour per day caregivers. That would be 8 hours (x) $ 25 = $ 200 and then the last 4 hours are over time which is  going to be  $ 25 (x) 1.5( Overtime Rate) = $ 37.5, this makes a 12 hour shift cost 8 hours(x) $ 25 = $ 200 and 4 overtime hours (x) $ 37.5 = $ 150. So a 12 hour shift costs $ 350 dollars. If you are doing  ( 2 ) shifts per day at 12 hours the costs would be $ 700 dollars per day, If you do this 5 days per week the cost is $ 3,500 per week or $ 14,000.00 per month. Or $ 168,000.00 per year.

Private Care vs Agency

When you hire an agency the agency is typically responsible for any legalities regarding the caregiver. Agencies should have liability and workers compensation insurance to cover you as a client. In addition if the caregiver does not work out we have other caregivers that are ready to assist you.

What is In Home Health Support Services ( IHSS)

IHSS helps seniors get services in their home. To qualify you need to be 65years or older or be disabled. This program is classified as a other choice for out of home care vs going into an assisted living for seniors. The caregivers from IHSS are paid through the State so you do not pay out of pocket and they assist with meal preparation, medicine reminders, grocery shopping and personal home service as bathing, grooming, and housekeeping. Keep in mind you have to qualify first and even then it can take some time before you get a worker.

24 Hour Live in Care vs Hourly Care

We have a flat rate of $ 280 to $ 325 dollars per day for live in caregivers for a full 24 hour shift. This can save you a lot of money lets say you are paying $ 350 dollars for a 12 hour shift you save about double the costs as a Live In Client.

What If I Do Not Like My Care Provider?

No problem if you do not like the caregiver you have we can get you another one. This is the advantage of working with an agency we make sure to have a large pool of caregivers for you to work with  that way you get the best caregivers possible.

Do Clients Have to Sign A Contract ? Do I Pay Start Up Costs?

Yes we have custom contracts according to what your home care needs are. We do have a 1 day cancellation notice and have no start up costs or Cancellation fees.

Advantage Of Caregiver Services

There are many reasons for choosing caregivers for your family.
• Help With ADLS:Having help with bathing, grooming , meal preparation, and walking are serious issues. Many seniors lack the proper support for these tasks and family often does not have the time for such help. Having a professional caregiver to help can be a life changer.

Family Assistance

As much as caregivers are here to help seniors they often give family much needed time off. Families with aging parents know the struggles of always being busy with healthcare tasks. Having a caregiver to help gives family the much needed break they need at times. Caregiver burnout is real and having a reliever is often times really needed.

Affordable Costs Vs Homes

Nursing homes and assisted livings are not low price services. The average cost of assisted living in Woodland Hills is $4,361 per month. This is higher than the national median of $3,300. Cheaper nearby regions include Canoga Park with an average starting cost of $2,800. To help you with your search, browse the 259 reviews below for assisted living facilities in Woodland Hills. With caregivers if you only  need someone a few days a week for 5 hours you can do so with senior living centers you often can not do this.

Can Clients Meet Caregivers Before Beginning The Work ?

Yes we can have an in home meeting with a care manager and caregivers and you can choose who you like.

Do Caregivers Woodland Hills Drive?

Yes caregivers can drive please let us know and we can make sure we get a caregiver who drives for you. They can drive your car or theirs the choice is yours.

How To Lower Home Care Costs

Anything over 8 hours in CA is overtime. So we can avoid paying more if we hire 2 people for the 12 hour shifts. One 6 hour shift followed by another 6 hour worker. This avoids the overtime rates. Another way is if we have a flat rate live in caregiver for a 24 hour shift. A live in caregiver will cost $ 325 per 24 hours. That is $ 375.00 less per day than paying 2 people for 12 hours shifts. That is going to cost $ 1,875.00 dollars per week or $ 7,500.00 dollars per month. This makes $ 90,000.00 dollars per year. That is $ 78,000.00 dollars less than if we do the same level of care at 2 people for 12 hour shifts.

More Ways To Save Government Aide

Depending on income and other factors many seniors will quality for what is known as IHSS ( In Home Support Services) this is program by the government that is to assist low income individuals who need aide. You will need to call your local IHSS office and set up a meeting where a social worker will come out and determine how much care you need. Based off this you will get so many hours per week that the State pays for you to get in home care. To apply for IHSS you must …

  • Live in the United States 
  • Be a CA resident 
  • Must Have Medical 
  • You must live at home or an abode of your own choosing (acute care hospital, long-term care facilities, and licensed community care facilities are not considered “own home”).
  • You must submit a completed Health Care Certification form.

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Health is a very important aspect of humanity and for old or sick people needing help and assistance, the best helper is anyone that has a good knowledge of health and medicine. Our caregivers Woodland Hills by Your Direct Health Care have a basic knowledge of First Aid, how to help people suffering or recovering from dementia, assist on the need to take their pills and many more. This is a big plus because you don’t need to panic about health issues recovery getting worse as our caregivers will give the best health and medical assistance to corroborate the works of visiting medical or health practitioners.

Companionship Caregivers Woodland Hills

Your Direct Health Care understands the social need of humans of various age groups and as such, we prepared an efficient and robust method to reach out to people in need of a companion and helper at home. We understand that loneliness kills and kills old and aged people faster. We know that old people need to be happy and excited being with someone that cares and is committed to helping them with any task to stay truly alive. Our caregivers Woodland Hills services cover this aspect and we have caregivers that are well suited into this very need because of their experience in hospitality. You only need to hire us to see how far we handle and bring out the liveliness in your old and sick loved ones.

Housekeeping and Errand Assistance

House Cleaning Every house needs to be clean, neat and presentable. Old and sick people will definitely find all these difficult and as such Your Direct Health Care is at hand to offer housekeeping services to as many client as possible in Los Angeles California. Our caregivers are dedicated to assist your loved ones, parents and relatives with any house chores including cooking, cleaning and laundry. They are also very effective in running errands to places to buy and purchase groceries or any other needed and wanted items and commodities.

Personal Care and Assistance

Humans are very fragile and limited to many activities at old age. This is a reason every senior citizen in Los Angeles needs Your Direct Health Care caregivers to help with caring for them to bath, toilet and cleaning afterwards, put on clothes, brush and do all sort of activities. We want the best for your loved ones with us and it is a promise to be kept.

Flexible Live In and On Call Services

We understand what you want and we are determined to help you realize and fulfill them as regards the well-being of your relatives and loved ones. We offer you the freedom to choose your most preferred caregivers from our list and have them work for you on a flexible live-in or on-call services. Our live-in service means that the caregiver leaves with our client while the on-call involves some hours of care-giving or home care services in respect to a call to request. We offer both and you are free to choose whichever suits you more.


You can ask for help and assistance for your old parents, relatives and sick and recovering people seeking for help in Los Angeles California from Your Direct Health Care now. All you need do is to get a fast and immediate quote from our website Here and be part our growing and impressive list of happy clients that enjoyed and recommend our home caring services to everyone in need of help and assistance in Los Angeles California.

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