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Do you need Encino Caregivers for your loved one ?  Consider Your Direct Health Care.  We provide caregivers that specialize in assisting seniors and disabled with their in-home needs. Emergencies happen and that can mean you need around-the-clock elder care. Some of the most commonly asked questions are: 

  • How much does it cost? That depends on your need. Do you need help for a few hours or for 24-hour care? Typical fees are:
  • Home Care Hourly Cost: $ 25 to $ 45 hour
  • Live In Caregivers Cost: $ 240 – $380 per 24-hour shift
  • Insurance can help cover these costs. Please call us at 1-818-875-3302  for more information. We would be happy to help you with the paperwork.Encino Caregivers 

2. which INSURANCES cover  Home CARE?

  • Long Term Care Insurance 
  • Medicare (limited coverage) If you have Medicare Questions please call us at 1-877-264-0896 
  • IHSS (Government Assisted In-home Supportive Services)

3. Can your agency provide Live-In Caregivers?

Yes, we have a wide range of caregivers some of whom do live in. It could be cheaper for you to go with a live in route then do 12 hour case. For example a 12 hour case may cost $25 hour (x) 12 hours which is $ 200 normal 8 hours plus last 4 hour of overtime which is 4 hours x $25(x) 1.5 ( Overtime) which is $ 37.50 this makes a 12 hour case cost about $ 350 dollars. Where a live in 24 hour case can cost you $ 280 dollars. That is $ 70 per day saved !

4. Does Medicare cover this type of care?

Yes, but it is very limited. Medicare covers nurse visits, physical therapy and home health-related care, but not caregivers specifically.  Call us for more information at 1-877-264-0896 

5. Does my Health care insurance cover caregivers?

That will depend on your policy and coverage. Please call us for more information. Long Term Care insurance policies such as Genworth, Farmers New World Life Insurance can cover in home care cases.  

6. Will Medi-Cal cover the care?

No, Medi-Cal does not cover caregiver services. However, if you have Medi-Cal you may qualify for In-Home Supportive Services (IHSS).

7. Can I or my family member meet the caregiver before services begin?

Absolutely! In fact, we recommend it. We can even let you meet multiple caregivers before you begin the case 

8. Is there a long-term contract for services?

  No, you may cancel at any time.

9. Who is responsible for paying the caregivers?

When you contract with us, it becomes our responsibility to pay the caregivers.

10. Can customers get free in-home assessments? Yes!

We can set up a complementary in-home consultation for our  clients as soon as within 24 hours.

11. Do I get a choice on who is hired?

If you would like to meet more than one caregiver, just let us know and we will arrange it. 

12. What if the client does not like the caregiver? 

Sometimes this happens. When it does, we will work with you to find the right person.


We have free in home assessments for Burbank, CA clients that can be set up as soon as 24 hours of you contacting us. 


Burbank CA clients do not have to sign any long term contracts when you sign up with us. You may cancel at any time.


At Your Direct Heath Care we do not have sign up costs or cancellation fees and we  do not add any taxes to the bill. Whatever your final cost is what the final amount will be. If you are paying $ 28 per hour we do not  add any additional costs. Our contracts are also customized according to your needs. Depending on what is best for you payments to Your Direct Health Care can occur weekly or bi-weekly.


  • Assistance with hygiene, including with showering and bathing
  • Help getting dressed and getting ready for bed
  • Caregivers help with walking (ambulation)
  • Medication reminders
  • Bathroom and incontinent assistance
  • Meal preparation
  • Driving and transportation
  • Housekeeping 
  • Live in caregivers
  • Encino Caregivers CA ( Hourly Care) 
  • Please ask us if you have any specialty services you may need 









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