Encino Caregivers

Encino Caregivers

As we get older and age many seniors begin to make plans to live comfortably in their old age. Often times the older a person gets the more they rely on caregivers in Encino to assist them. At Your Direct Health Care, we have senior caregivers who assist seniors with Live-In Care, Hourly Care, Dementia Care, Meal Preparation, Medication Reminders, And more. Our Agency offers free in-home meetings where we can do an assessment and determine the level of care you need for your loved one. 

Encino Caregivers

Here are some facts According to Some about seniors

  • Over 80 percent of all fractures in seniors are caused by falls.
  • For seniors aged 65 to 69, 1 out of 200 falls results in a broken hip. This increases to 1 out of 10 for those seniors aged 85 or older.
  • 1 out of 4 seniors who break a hip from falling die within 6 to 8 months from the injury.
  •  47% of non-injured seniors who fall can not get up on their own.

Fall Prevention Tips

  1. Remove items that can be tripped on.
  2. Adding non-slip mats for the bathroom.
  3. Install grab bars in the bathroom.
  4. Store food in low-level reachable areas.
  5. Keeping seniors hydrated 
  6. Make sure your senior loved ones have their vision checked
  7. Ask the doctor to review medications regularly for side effects and interactions.
  8. If a senior can not stand on their own getting a walker or wheelchair can help.
  9. Make sure seniors have medical alert systems if they fall.


Who Needs Home Care

 The caregiver’s mission is to provide high-quality care for senior citizens at quite affordable rates, and we are committed to making improvements in our training and in the services we offer. No matter how big or small your caregiver’s needs are, we are equal to the task. We have well-trained caregivers who oversee all kinds of care for seniors. Sign up with us now at Encino Caregivers CA By Your Direct Health Care and our qualified private caregivers will offer you the much-needed assistance.  You can hand your parents over to us and be rest assured that they are in safe hands. If you need questions answered about Medicare. 

Services By Encino Caregivers CA From YDHC  

Hygiene Assistance
Shower and Bathing Assistance
Dressing Assistance
Ambulation (walking) Assistance
Medication Reminders
Bathroom and Incontinent Assistance
Positioning and Transferring with wheelchairs.
Respite Care

Preparation of meals
Light Housekeeping
Transportation, groceries, errands, and doctors’ appointments

Temporary care or Short Shifts
Hourly care
Long term care
Overnight Care
Weekend Care
Holiday Care
Around the clock/ live-in care
Traveling Caregivers

Non-Medical Home Care
Medical Home Health Care
Stroke Care
Alzheimer’s/ Dementia Care
Parkinson’s Care
Special Needs Care
Where we offer our services:

Conclusion – Encino Caregivers 

Our patients are guaranteed very high-quality services from our  Caregivers CA without an hourly minimum rat We are professional and accredited, and our services are at very affordable rates. They partner with us in providing the best quality health care you deserve. Senior Home Care is licensed and insured, and our goal is the maximum satisfaction of our patients. Sign up with us and be assured of getting 100% value for your money





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