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Seniors Cell Phones

Seniors and cell phones

When you reach your twilight years a cell phone would be as useful as it was when you were robust and young but due to fragility in your fingers and many health issues operating a sophisticated smartphone could be a difficult endeavor. Yet a cell phone would keep you in touch with your loved ones, give you the chance to call anyone in an emergency, or the ability to receive calls from old friends and acquaintances, would ensure your life is more fulfilling.

Remaining shut off from those around you or not socially integrating could create other issues which would not be in your better interests. Cell phones have moved into a new dimension with smartphones consisting of a hundreds of apps being the favorites among the young. These smartphones may not be what you could operate and that too when you need to dial out or receive calls in a hurry.
Cell phone which are today more popularly called smartphones are proliferating and with communication peaking the technology is rapidly changing with smarter phones being introduced, Seniors would have difficulty in keeping up with this rapid pace of development hence would need to select one that would be most suited for them.

Finding an appropriate smartphone which would be easy to operate and also suit the requirements of a senior is what you should be looking at if you are to operate it without much of a hassle. To make life easy for all our seniors out there we have listed below seven (07) models from reputed smartphone manufacturers which would ideally fit the requirements of any senior.

#1. Apple iPhone 6s

This is a very user friendly smartphone which is easy to operate with its intuitive built in software. The call icons, emailing, messaging and using the built apps, does not need a senior to be tech savvy as it is convenient to navigate. It has a 4.7 inch, and 750 by 1334 pixels display screen is large enough for seniors to use without much ado.
The finger print reader which feature locks the screen ensures that others would not be able to operate it other than the senior who uses it, an advantage to those who would forgetfully leave the smartphone lying unattended. This would also eliminate the need to always remember the various passwords to open the different apps.

#2. Asus ZenPhone

The long lasting battery with a 5000mAh capacity is a very important advantage because seniors would always tend to forget charging their smartphones. Customer reviews encompassing seniors have shown that this smartphone can last four days with a recharge. The display screen is a 5.5 inch, Amoled Gorilla glass which is easy to read for seniors.
It has a 1920-1080 FHD which operates on an Android Nougat 7, and is fitted out with three (03) cameras of high premium grade ensuring the capture of high quality images. The 13 Megapixels camera in the front and the two (02) 12 megapixels cameras in the rear does justice to the images that are captured. It also has ample storage capacity with 3GB memory.

#3. Jitterbug Smartphone

Perfect for those seniors who would have impaired vision as this one has a 5.5 inch touch screen with easy to operate features. It has a 1280-720 display which is bright, sharp and could be viewed from different angles ensuring seniors do not miss anything even when it is dark or in a crowded area.
The text could be displayed in an extra-large font could be programmed for one touch access to call for help when needed, which would be ideal for seniors living alone. This smartphone could be easily programmed to call anyone anywhere by just touching the right icons.

#4. Jitterbug Touch3

If seniors need a more smaller and smarter screen this smartphone has just that with a four (04) inch display screen. It has one 5 Megapixels camera at the back which if high resolution and would capture picture perfect images. It has 4GB storage and a 1500mAh battery which would retain charge for longer than other smartphones in the market.It is very user friendly with the icons to navigate the apps easily visible and at a touch away. Seniors would love the many features it is built in with.

#5. Snapfon

Though this brand may not be popular among the younger generation it has made an indelible mark among seniors as it is designed to give them flexibility in use and easy to operate features. The display may be bit smaller than others but it is black and white ensuring easy reading ability especially for seniors.
It is equipped with 1000mAh battery which would retain the charge for many days.

#6. Doro PhoneEasy 626

This smartphone is with flip screen which is 2.4 inches and quite large enough for seniors to operate and use. It is packed with a host of easy to operate features and everything at the fingertips. To answer a call just flip the screen.It is compatible with hearing aids and has adjustable volume controls.

#7. Emphoria Smart

The screen display is 4.5 inches and has a 4GB internal storage capacity, with a 2600mAh battery. It has quick navigation features which would be ideal for seniors. This also comes with a keypad which enables seniors to use it even when they are vision impaired. It could store five automated numbers for one touch calls in an emergency.

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