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Preventing Falls Seniors Los Angeles

Making Your Entry Way Safer

Research has enlightened that one in every three American households is home to at least one senior above the age of sixty (60) years. There is also a general consensus among most seniors, which may not be limited to only those in the United States but elsewhere as well, that they would prefer to remain in their own homes or where they have lived for ages till they pass away.

This has been well documented in the mission statement of the AARP which states “empowering people to choose how they live as they age”, which has brought this fact into a new perspective. As there is a desire for seniors to live in their own homes independently it has become imperative on others, government agencies, non-profit organizations and the business community to ensure that these seniors fulfill their wish. This all what the rest of us could do for our seniors so that they enjoy their twilight years and peacefully pass away.

We too would come to that stage in a few years and we would also require the same assistance, hence we should understand this is a cycle and not one that would end with the seniors of today. This leaves a very pertinent question that would need pragmatic answers. That would be to ensure that when seniors age they should be made comfortable in their homes and some adjustments made to facilitate their mobility and access around the home.

The present status of the home may not be conducive to a senior who would be prone to accidents within the home. These issues should be looked into with due consideration so that they do not suffer serious injury whilst being in their own home. The seniors too could have initiated these changes before they came to this stage and some are doing it now as there are many government and private organizations where assistance could be sought for anyone to get ready for the inevitable old age which would come one day to envelope every one without exception.

Preventing Falls Seniors Los Angeles

This becomes imperative as it is found that 90% of American seniors prefer to spend their twilight years in their own homes. Hence ensuring they are safe becomes the prerogative of others. There is also a very pertinent fact that comes to light which is that falls make the most vulnerable issue for deaths in seniors as recorded by the United States Centers for Disease Control. Hence it becomes more important to ensure that such accidents are totally eliminated and if that is not possible to minimize it.

One issue that stands out very prominently is the entry points in homes, which would not be conducive for seniors and would need a serious look at and the required changes affected. Entrance steps are one major drawback that seniors encounter and are universal problems not limited to only those in the US. Constructing ramps would be the ideal choice but if there are constraints then ways and means would need to be found to ensure that any such entry point is adequately constructed to cause convenient entry and also exit.

If a senior has to be comfortable in his home there are many changes that would need to be done beginning with the entry points at every place within and without the home should take precedence. It is the most important issue as they would need to have easy access always.The other issue would be if any of the seniors are wheelchair bound then the issue aggravates to a new level as they would need a special ramp to get in and out. There are government agencies that could assist seniors in this quest to ensure they have all the means at their disposal to have accessibility and free mobility within their home.

There is what we call as Universal Design which is a concept that most homes in the future would be built on. It takes into consideration the issues when you are young and after when you age. This design would cater to both sections of our lives unobtrusively. The world is still learning and these are issues that have been taken into consideration in the recent past.

If such a universal design is affected there would not be the need to redo homes when people become seniors as everything would be pre planned as a standard innovation. We see this is being practiced in most public buildings where ramps, railings in washrooms and toilets are becoming standard construction fittings.

This is a step in the righty direction and with the years ahead things should fall in line for the seniors who would follow, but in the meantime there is a lot of work to be done so that the present seniors and those to follow live a peaceful and accident free life and peacefully pass away.

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