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Heart Concerns

In the food we eat, we consume a great amount of acid. Acid is a main part of our digestion system. For a great amount of acid you intake and produce, it will cause it to travel up the stomach to the lower esophagus, which doesn’t allow the mucus to provide a barrier. Without that protection from the mucus, it is normal to begin feeling pain. That pain felt is what is known as heartburn.

Take Diets Into Consideration
Consuming a large meal can cause pressure and volume to the stomach. Consuming the meal comes a large amount of acid intake. This great amount of acid intake will cause the food to travel back up. If you consume smaller amounts of food during the day, it will better your digestive system and prevent heartburns.

Be Careful Of What You Consume
Eating meals consisting of high fat, will take a longer period of time to digest. By eating high fat meals, the pressure and volumes in your stomach is increasing. The pressure added will force the food back up.

Other Causes
Gravity is a known to cause heartburns. After eating a meal, laying down and reclining your body will cause the food to travel back up. You must wait up to three hours after consuming food to prevent a heartburn. Eating light meals near your bed time will also be a great way to avoid it. Elevating the head is a easy way to help your digestive system work efficiently. Being pregnant, consuming alcohol, and smoking are also some factors that can cause heartburns.

Dietitian recommendations
A member at Costco, Marissa Kent suggests to invest in a diary to write and chart what you have consumed, what time, and if any problems have occurred. A strategy known to be successful is intaking Alkaline foods and water, anything non-acidic.

Many people use antacids to shut down the symptoms by neutralizing the acid in the body. If this is consumed, discomfort won’t be felt for a few hours.

Acid Reducers
This medication reduces the amount of acid your body reduces. This safe prescription or over-the-counter medication will also have many negative effects. Since this medication is reducing the acid, digestion can become difficult due to the lack of acid. This medication may also make it harder to fight against bacteria. Due to this, infections or pneumonia may take place.

If any of these medications are being used, be sure to maintain a dietary plan. If diets are not being taken into consideration while consuming these drugs, your body will begin to drain out and deplete the Magnesium and Vitamin B12 from your body.

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