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Healthy Lifestyle


Maintaining a healthy diet leads to a healthy life. This method is important to follow, especially in older adults over the age of 65 years old. Usually, the illnesses that they carry out has to do with their diet. Fatty foods can effect the colon, pancreas and many other organs all over the body. As one gets older you lose sensitively. You body needs an excessive amount to act upon a stimulus. One  senses begin crashing down slowly. Taste buds don’t work as strongly as they did before. The smell of everything almost smells the same and doesn’t smell at all. Medications can be helpful as well as harmful. Medications have the ability to trigger side effects.
Some side effects that medications may cause are lack of appetite, nausea, and change of tastes and smells. Dental help can also occur. As one grows older, they start facing teeth loss and their gums start to
recede backwards. The shifting of gums and teeth loss can cause pain, such as jaw pain and sores around the mouth. This makes it harder to chew and taste the food. Financially, some people begin to make poor choices. Due to a small amount of money, individuals believe cutting down on organic food is the only option to survive. In most cases, cheaper food is know to be less nutritious and non-organic. Transportation can also be an issue. If one does not drive, how do they access food from the supermarkets? One may go to the supermarket by walking there. For instance, if is raining, it makes it difficult to walk the distance.

Stressful Situations

Through the years life can be stressful. Many changes occur and it can be difficult to deal with. Depression can occur from anything. Due to depression, seniors can have no appetite too eat. Without eating often, the body becomes weak and useless.


Omega-3 consists of fatty acids which are useful for all ages. These fatty acids prevent inflammation. Possible, they could cause arthritis, cancer and many other diseases. These fatty acids can be found in many foods such as, salmon, soybeans, flax seeds, and tuna. Experts recommend in taking a serving of omega twice a week.


Calcium foods help maintain healthy bones and nails. Calcium is great to lower your blood pressure. If your body doesn’t intake enough, it begins taking it from the bones. If that occurs, the bones will later begin to grow weak and fragile. Some high calcium foods are yogurt, cheese, and milk.


As the years pass by, our digestive system doesn’t operate as fast. The walls thicken and it makes it harder to have fast contractions. Slower contractions lead to constipation. Some high fibrous foods are fruits, nuts, pasta and vegetables.
Iron produces the hemoglobin. Hemoglobin carries out the oxygen in the blood. The oxygenated blood is later carried out to the lungs and all over the body. Without hemoglobin you constantly begin feeling weak and tired.
Vitamin C consists of many antioxidants which are believed to prevent cancer and many other diseases. Vitamin C is highly involved in the production of collagen. Collagen
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